Wisconsin Foam Products reputation as an industry leader in knowledge of foam and foam applications, coupled with our foam inventory - one of the largest and most diverse inventories of standard and specialty open and closed cell flexible foam alternatives in the Midwest - ensures instant availability, optimal selection and cost competitive pricing.

Inventories are continuously adjusted to customer order levels to meet Just In Time (JIT) requirements.

Our inventory is divided chemically into many of the common chemical bases for plastics, such as polyethylene, polyurethane, polypropylene, neoprene, etc. A blowing agent added to these chemical bases initiates the foaming process, turning the chemical to a blown, bubbled or foam form.

Our extensive foam inventory – over a million dollars of foam - includes, but is not limited to:

Open Cell Foam
   Confor Foam
   Filter Foam
   Latex Foam >
   Polyurethane Foam >
   Rebonded Foam
   Sponge Foam
   Visco Elastic Foam (Slow Recovery Foam)

Closed Cell Foam
   Crosslink Foams >
   Neoprene – Rubber Blend Foams >
   Polyethylene Foam >
   Polypropylene Foam >
   Polystyrene (EPS) Foam

Wisconsin Foam Products has long term partnerships with many of the leading foam manufacturers, enabling our customer instant access to the widest range of material at extremely competitive prices. Learn more about our place in the foam industry, as a foam fabricator / foam converter.

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Since 1985, Wisconsin Foam Products has been providing integrated flexible foam solutions for OEMs in a broad range of industries. Let our unbeatable combination of experience, cost saving solutions, complete in house foam fabrication and value-added services, extensive foam inventory and expertise, commitment to quality and fast turnaround time help you achieve, or surpass, your flexible foam product expectations and goals!

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