OEM Furniture Seating Foam Solutions

The Complete Source For OEM Furniture Seating Foam Solutions
Wisconsin Foam Products is one of the leading furniture seating foam fabricators, serving OEMs in the furniture industry with custom flexible furniture seat cushioning and furniture seating foam solutions.

Custom OEM furniture seating foam solutions from Wisconsin Foam Products, such as chair foam, sofa foam and furniture cushioning foam, employ a wide range of furniture seating foam materials for comfort, support, durability, impact and vibration absorption, and flammability resistance, depending on the specific application.

At Wisconsin Foam Products we approach every project with one objective – achieve cost savings for our customers at every step of the process, while meeting or exceeding all quality, scheduling and use requirements.

Let us know your concepts and requirements, and our experienced furniture seating foam specialists will engineer a solution and select the right furniture seating foam material, design and process to ensure the optimal and most cost-effective foam solution!

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Contact Wisconsin Foam Products to start a conversation about your furniture seat cushioning or seating foam needs, and learn more about the advantages we can offer you as one of the leading furniture seating foam fabricators.