Ergonomic Foam Solutions

The Complete Source For Ergonomic Foam Solutions
Wisconsin Foam Products provides OEMs with ergonomic foam solutions for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Seating & Cushioning
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Foam Grips & Handles
  • Pads & Supports
  • Personal Protection Products
  • Pillows & Bedding
  • Physical Therapy Equipment

No matter the industry - furniture, medical and healthcare, vehicles, marine, aerospace, consumer products, sports & recreation, bedding, industrial, agriculture and others - ergonomics plays a crucial role, and Wisconsin Foam Products has the expertise and experience to engineer effective ergonomic foam solutions to meet these needs.

One such example is seating. Whether furniture, vehicle, medical, marine, airplane or other types of seating, ergonomic performance is a critical design component and measure of success. Many seating foam solutions employ a type of polyurethane foam. It can be formulated to dampen vibration that causes discomfort for equipment operators and drivers, so it is used to provide the same smooth ride for drivers of heavy equipment, construction vehicles and trucks, as for drivers of luxury sedans. Polyurethane foam solutions also meet safety requirements for various types of seating,  such as automobile, aircraft and marine, while providing long term comfort and performance.

Let us know your ergonomic requirements, and we’ll help you select the right foam material and engineer a design and process to ensure the optimal and most cost-effective ergonomic foam solution!

Gain additional cost savings where applicable, with partial or full assembly. Learn more about our extensive in house foam fabricating and finishing capabilities.

Contact Wisconsin Foam Products to start a conversation about your ergonomic needs, and finding the right ergonomic foam solution for your application!