Mat & Matting Foam Solutions

The Complete Source For OEM Mat & Matting Foam Solutions
Wisconsin Foam Products provides OEMs with custom mat and matting foam solutions for a wide range of applications, some of which include:

  • Athletic Mats & Matting Foam
  • Animal Mats & Matting Foam
  • Agriculture Matting Foam
  • Exercise Mat Foam
  • Medical & Physical Therapy Mat Foam
  • Floor Mats & Matting Foam
  • Marine Matting Foam
  • Industrial Matting Foam
  • Impact Absorption Mat Foam

Custom mat and matting foam solutions from Wisconsin Foam Products employ a wide range of foam materials for impact, energy and vibration absorption, protection, durability, comfort and more, depending on the specific application.

Let us know your objectives and requirements, and we’ll engineer a matting foam solution to meet your needs and cost requirements, selecting the right foam matting material, design and process to ensure the optimal and most cost-effective foam matting solution!

Gain additional cost savings where applicable, with partial or full assembly. Learn more about our extensive in house foam fabricating and finishing capabilities.

Contact Wisconsin Foam Products to start a conversation about your matting foam needs, and finding the right matting solution for your application!