Will we get the best foam accessibility, price and service working directly with a foam manufacturer or with a foam stocking distributor, such as Wisconsin Foam Products?
In many industries, buying direct from a manufacturer is the most economically purchasing decision. However, in the flexible foam industry working directly with the foam manufacturer often presents difficulties. For example, for very large volume foam programs, foam manufacturers may serve your requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. However, for the majority of companies requiring flexible foam products, the decision to purchase direct is far less clear. Here are some related FAQs to consider in answering this question for your situation.

Does the size of our company’s flexible foam program warrant working directly with a foam manufacturer?
Typically foam manufacturers directly serve less complex programs that purchase a minimum of $500,000 annually. At Wisconsin Foam Products, our customer base is built on an average foam program of $3,000 to $300,000.

Can a manufacturer supply all the foam types and grades we need and in the quantities we require?Typically the minimum production quantity for one foam grade that a foam manufacturer will ship is one to two truckloads. Foam programs requiring multiple grades of foam, in various quantities, become difficult for a foam manufacturer to serve. As a result, the limited number of grades available to you often results in far too few choices to satisfy the requirements of your foam program. As an independent foam distributor, Wisconsin Foam Products has purchasing relationships with all of the leading flexible foam producers and maintains one of the largest and most diverse foam inventories in the Midwest, so we are able to supply the best foam in the country, produced at the most reasonable cost, to satisfy a wide range of foam applications.

Can we purchase both open and closed cell foam from one foam manufacturer?
No. Foam manufacturing equipment is designed to produce one type of foam or the other – either open or closed cell foam. As an independent foam stocking distributor and foam products fabricator, Wisconsin Foam Products stocks and has access to hundreds of grades of open and closed cell form materials, offering our customers’ foam solutions that employ the optimal foam for each specific application – selecting from multiple foams and multiple manufacturers – all under one roof.

Won’t we get the lowest price by buying direct from the foam manufacturer?
Possibly, however, many foam programs do not fit a foam manufacturer’s ability to deliver the lowest price, therefore the manufacturer is forced to charge a higher price. Prior to purchasing, we invite you to contact us. We are happy to help you uncover the most cost-effective solution to your foam purchase.

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