Foam Fabrication – Our Place In The Industry

Most of the larger US chemical companies engage in production of plastic polymers and raw material chemicals for flexible plastic foams. These firms control the pricing and supply aspects for the industry’s chemical processing foam plants.

Early in the industry’s history, some firms engaged in both chemical production and/or chemical processing of raw foam products, as well as engineering and fabricating finished foam products.

However, over time it became apparent that there were really three distinct industry functions, since each required different equipment, facilities, and expertise, and for the most part no one company was very competitive, efficient, effective or found economic efficiencies performing more than one of these functions.

Raw Chemical Production
Companies such as Dow Chemical, Union Carbide, etc.

Chemical Processing
Raw foam material production - Approximately 150 US firms

Foam Fabrication & Foam Distribution
Foam fabricators, such as Wisconsin Foam Products, engaged in engineering and fabricating finished foam products and components to meet OEM specifications

Over the last 30 years the industry experienced more change with the closing and consolidation of many chemical processing facilities and their foam distributing operations, which were offering limited foam product lines. This helped the evolving independent foam fabricators and foam distributors, such as Wisconsin Foam Products, by enhancing their ability to buy foam from all the chemical processors and being able to choose the most efficient and highest quality foam materials.

The ability to purchase the best foam materials from various foam processors enables Wisconsin Foam Products to offer the best that the flexible foam industry has to offer, all under one roof.

Learn more about Wisconsin Foam Products’ extensive flexible foam inventory - one of the largest and most diverse inventories of standard and specialty open and closed cell flexible foam alternatives in the Midwest - and other advantages of partnering with Wisconsin Foam Products for your foam solution needs.

In this changing environment, the independent foam fabricator “levels the playing field” by creating competition between chemical producers and foam processors to bring the best value to the market.

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