Commitment To Quality

As a custom foam fabricator that consistently maintains a part reject rate of less than 0.1%, Wisconsin Foam Products is well versed in addressing our customer’s complex ISO and QS specifications.

Our dedication to quality includes investment in state of the art German engineered foam fabrication equipment and comprehensive preventative maintenance programs. We monitor adherence to project specifications via many variance control techniques, including statistical process control.

Subsequently, Wisconsin Foam Products is one of very few foam fabricators able to produce flexible foam products with the extremely tight tolerances of +/- 1/8" or even +/- 1/32" - outperforming the industry standard of +/- 1/4".

Wisconsin Foam Products also meets "zero defect" requirements with minimal variance, resulting in highly consistent parts.

Through repeatability, consistency and adaptability, our internal quality control systems are designed to achieve Total Quality Satisfaction.

So whether your foam application specifications relate to lead time, packaging, labeling, shipping instructions, invoicing, quality control certification, engineering changes, traceability, or all of these, Wisconsin Foam Products is capable and committed to meeting all of your flexible foam requirements.

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