Arts & Crafts Foam Solutions

Flexible Foam Solutions For Arts & Crafts Industry OEMs
Wisconsin Foam Products is one of the leading flexible foam fabricators serving OEMs in the arts & crafts industry with custom arts & crafts foam solutions – finished foam products, components, assemblies and packaging.

As a full service arts & crafts foam fabricator, we serve OEMs worldwide with flexible foam solutions from concept though completed, assembled, packaged arts & crafts foam products – or anywhere in between.

At Wisconsin Foam Products we approach every project with one objective – achieve cost savings for our customers at every step of the process while meeting or exceeding all quality, scheduling and use requirements.

Tell us your ideas and requirements, and we’ll engineer a solution and select the right foam material, design and process to ensure the optimal and most cost-effective foam solution!

Contact Wisconsin Foam Products to start a conversation about your arts & crafts foam needs, and learn more about the advantages we can offer you as one of the leading art foam fabricators.